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Unlocking the Secrets of Success:
Exploring the Minds of Business Leaders
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Biz Mindz Interviews, a creation of Epoch Media Group, a company with a diverse portfolio of digital enterprises, is a platform with a mission to inspire and educate both aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

At the core of Biz Mindz Interviews is the belief that there is immense value in learning from the experiences of others. To fulfill this mission, the platform brings together accomplished entrepreneurs, business leaders, and industry experts from various fields, allowing them to share their unique stories and insights. Through these interviews, Biz Mindz Interviews aims to equip its audience with practical advice, actionable tips, and valuable lessons to guide them on their journey to initiate, expand, and thrive in their ventures.

The Biz Mindz Hosts, boasting over 14 years of business experience across diverse industries, play a pivotal role in ensuring the interviews are not only informative but also engaging. Their expertise adds a layer of depth and authenticity, turning each interview into a source of inspiration and knowledge for viewers. The hosts include Gonzalo Torres-Giusti, Johanna Torres, Rodrigo Torres, and Cheyenne Figueroa.


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